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Promote your business with social media marketing


Instagram, Youtube and Facebook have millions

of daily users, market your business to them.


Social platforms offer advertising direct to its users.

Target specific interests to maximise ROI.


Learn your users habits, interests and promote your

brand, products or services to maximise reach.

Social media is defined as a platform that allows people to share information in real-time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other connected networks allow people to share many types of media; from status updates, photos and videos, from any web enabled device. Social networks provide a platform for you to promote your company in a digital era. The key to social media is real-time communication.


Death of traditional marketing

Traditional media is slowly become obsolete. Newspapers are pushing online media with pay walls and advertising as the future revenue model. The news stands have been replaced with mobile. This is a consistent trend in the way we now consume media. Media is now real-time; platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide open channels to communicate social media faster than ever; with instant updates on world news, technology, fashion and everything in between.


Why your social media isn’t working

Social media is growing quicker than ever, with millions of users every single day, it’s not hard to see the potential reach of finding new customers. Let’s be honest, a few extra sales would not go a miss, right? But your social following is small to non existent and you think it’s just a waste of your time.


Too often I see businesses make the same mistake – you create an account, add a few photo’s, a comment or two and then forget about your social account for a couple of months. Let me tell you something vitally important – social media is a full time investment. To be a successful brand on social networks you need to be active, interact, share, comment and update with your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and Pinterest followers daily.


Reaching out to new customers

It all starts with planning a great social media strategy. You should ask yourself; how are you going to obtain new fans or followers,? What can you offer people that your competitors can’t? Are you ready to invest time in to social marketing?


To build an effective social media strategy you need to offer three key components; 1: value; 2: fresh content; 3: customer service.



Successful social media strategies always offer value to the end user; in your case, the customer. If the end user feels that your content is of great value to them or their friends, they are more inclined to follow you or share your content.

Fresh content

One fundemental mistake of social media is just talking about your business! Stay with me here, the strategy is to focus on upselling your brand or product, but a constant upsell of the same product will drive potential customers away rather than converting them to a sale.


So what else can you talk about? One clear talking point is your industry. What you are aiming to achieve is, to become the industry expert, an ambassador for the industry, the go-to for industry news and trends.


Ignore the cliche, don’t make the mistake of thinking if you have nothing to say, don’t say nothing at all.


Customer service

Social media allows your brand to have an interactive face, which shows diveristy in to new ways of managing customers. Social media allows your customers a way to communicate to your brand in an informal way; be it by a hashtag or a direct message. Giving this accessibilty to your brand shows customers you care about what they think and appreciate their feedback. Yes, you can get negative reviews and comments, but a great social marketer can use this to an advatange to show how great your customer service is.


A fairy tale ending

Just like any good book, there is a happy ending. But to start your perfect story, you need to re-evaluate your online social media strategy. That is why you are here is it not? If you feel you are not reaching your social networking potential, you need to get in touch with me as soon as possible. Let’s turn your stagnant and dwindling social accounts back to flourishing life.


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