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Is your business website optimised for organic growth?


With 70% of internet search coming from mobile,

is your business taking full advantage?


Do you frequently post to your website blog?

It can improve your website SEO.


On-page SEO will help improve your Google ranking

and target your business to the right audience.

Internet marketing is a key marketing strategy that businesses cannot afford to ignore in today’s world. SEO or search engine marketing is one of the most important online marketing techniques that businesses depend on to enhance their visibility on the World Wide Web. When you need a reliable and experienced professional for search engine optimisation, Digital Park should be your first choice. I am a one-stop-shop for all kinds of SEO and online marketing services for business in and around Newmarket, Suffolk.


Your go-to search engine optimisation company

SEO is not as simple as it sounds. It is not just about creating keyword optimised text for your website. It is about creating highly meaningful, quality content that makes optimal use of keywords that the target audience is likely to use. With the Google algorithm becoming more and more complex, it is becoming very difficult for businesses to meet the standards for page ranking. When you want to grow your business through online marketing, your only goal is to GET FOUND on the internet.


Digital Park SEO works with the sole aim of bringing your website to the top pages of the search engines. I can help you get found by your target audience by creating an SEO strategy that focuses on content quality and relevance.


What I do

Digital Park is your all-inclusive SEO service provider in Newmarket, Suffolk. I offer a wide range of organic SEO solutions including:


  • On-page optimisation
  • Link building
  • Search engine ranking improvement solutions
  • Keyword research


I have the knowledge as well as the tools that are needed to boost your website’s organic page ranking right from the word go, to implementing the SEO strategy and also measuring the ROI based on it. I take care of each and every thing for your website’s SEO.

I deliver real results

Content alone will not get you to the top of the search engine results pages. You also need a well crafted website with solid code and quality inbound links that Google spiders look for. Digital Park SEO not only focuses on getting good quality content on the site, but also ensures that the website code is flawless and there are high quality back-links to the site, from reputed and popular websites that are relevant to your audience.


With over a decade of experience in web design and SEO, I know what it takes to push a client’s website to the top pages. I do not guarantee the number # 1 rank for your site, because I don’t like to mislead my clients. But I do ensure that when your clients are searching for a product or service that you are offering, they will find you.


Talk to me today to know more about SEO in Newmarket, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. You can opt for a complete SEO package or go for individual services such as link building, keyword research or on-page optimisation.


Whatever your choice, call me today to discuss your options on 07969 004 553.


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