Responsive Web Design


Mobile search is on the rise. Is your business?


Is your current website tailored for mobile devices?

You could be losing valuable customers if not.


With 70% of internet search coming from mobile,

is your business taking full advantage?


Did you know Google ranks your website higher in

mobile search for being mobile friendly?

Many business websites are not fully optimised for mobile viewing and responsive web design or mobile friendly is the terms used to describe a website that is built with the focus of being viewed on mobile device such as phones and tablets. A responsive web design takes full advantage of bite size information and easy reading of your current website.


Why responsive web design?

Advances in is mobile technology has revolutionized the way we use the internet, social media, news and games are all available from the touch of a mobile screen, but the key question, is your website responsive to mobile devices?


Responsive web design has changed the way a website can be viewed on a variety of mobile devices at different screen-sizes. One of the great advantages of responsive web design is a better user experience.


Take advantage

An increasing amount of people view websites on mobile devices, a staggering 70% of website visits from data I have collected, came from a mobile device. Over half of all website traffic comes from portable devices such as tablets, phones and laptops. Are you taking advantage of your website traffic?


Improve your SEO

Google is still the most dominant search engine, even on mobile, and it also recommends websites to be responsive. Traditionally before the introduction of responsive web design, businesses would build two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile, this was time consuming and costly and had to be added on different domains/sub-domains.


The reason Google’s search engine likes responsive, is that you only have URL. Responsive web design can help reduce your bounce rate*. Have you tried viewing a non-responsive website on a mobile phone? It’s time consuming, pinching the screen to expand each page to find the content you require. This is one of the causes of high bounce rates.

Helping you stay competitive

Without the aid of responsive web design you are less competitive, you are reducing your exposure to potential clients. You are losing key customers, money and valuable reputation. Mobile adoption is changing and reshaping the way people consume, research and make buying decisions. Businesses that take advantage of the changing mobile market see a decrease on bounce rate, generate more sale leads and ultimately grow the customer base.


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*Bounce rate – the term given to a website hit/view from a user who exits your website from the entry point, such as a home page, without visiting any other page. This can also be a timed event, such as how long the user is on the homepage.


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