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Want to send monthly newsletters or promote a product to an email list?


Want to know what email layout your customers

prefer?  A/B testing provides better results!


Do you want to market a product to a particular

customer group? With segmentation you can!


Find who read your email, who unsubscribed,

who clicked a link and much, much more!

Email marketing is still one of the best marketing strategies for many businesses. It can constantly keep your customers up to date with new products, events and news about your business. Unlike a blog post on your website which requires a customer or user to actively visit your website to find out that information. Email marketing drops that information directly in to their inbox.


Direct marketing
Having access to an email list is quite unique for a business. You have a direct link to your customers inbox. A way to push products, promotions and unique content for them to read at a convenient time. Email marketing has a unique power to drive traffic and sales without needing to drive traffic to your website or business page.


Alternatively you can use email marketing in a newsletter, to promote your services and drive that traffic back to your website to let a customer know of a new service or interesting news about your business. This is a great way to keep your customers and users up to date and interested in your business.


A/B testing

Having an understanding in what your customers find appealing will increase your chance of conversion. A/B testing allows you to test multiple email layouts to different customers. This can be very useful to find out which layout performs better in driving click through or sales of a product.


A great example would be one layout with a linked button and another with a linked product image. Both link to the same content, but which will be more appealing to your audience? You may think the answer is simple, but not every email client works the same way. Some image links could be removed, images may get stripped out, or it may not be obvious to the customer the image is a clickable. Meaning the button may be a better chance of converting a user to a click.



Some of you may have never heard of this term in email marketing, but it is essentially a way to build more specific lists of your customers. You are segmenting your customers based on certain criteria such as male, female.


This is really useful for businesses promoting products, you may have a new product aimed at men of a certain age. Using a list based on male users of your customer base you could send a specific email direct to your male audience. The same could be for a product aimed at women, or a certain age group. The more information you can collect on your users the better. Most eCommerce based websites collect this type of data when signing up customers.


Segmentation is a great way to tailor you email marketing campaign to promote the best chance of conversion.

In-depth reporting

A key to your email marketing campaign is understanding the way in which your customers are responding to your email. Identifying important metrics such as best opening times, open rate, click-through rate and unsubscribes by email address, can help shape and improve your email marketing.


Knowing what links have been clicked can show you what kind of content your customers are interested in not to mention which customers where interested! Tailoring your email marketing becomes easier once you understand your audience and their interests.


Digital Park provides email marketing to small businesses to help promote sales, send invites and monthly newsletters to Newmarket, Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds.


If you would like to learn more about email marketing and how it could drive business sales and drive traffic back to your website then please contact Digital Park.

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