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Your brand is what your customers identify you with. A brand image, logo or name should be so simple yet catchy that the moment they see it, they should be reminded of your business and what it stands for. When you need experts’ help in creating a brand that your customers will identify and become familiar with soon, Digital Park should be your brand identity design solutions provider in Newmarket, Suffolk. We provide end-to-end brand development solutions to companies big and small.


A logo that represents your business

At Digital Park, I believe that your business is only as good as the image it has in the market and a brand or business logo plays a vital role in building that image for you. The logo you choose should be relevant to what you offer, appropriate and must appeal to your target audience. The brand and business design process at Digital Park involves knowing the your business and also your target audience with this we design and develop the perfect logo and branding that best reflects your business.


As an experienced business logo design service provider in Newmarket, Suffolk, I can help you create a logo that your customers will never forget.


Strategic logo design solutions

Every business needs a logo that its clients can identify with. But what is the use of the logo – where will it be used and how will it be presented to the customer? Are you going to use this logo on your stationery, your office equipment, product packaging, billboards, television or print media ads? There are a few questions that I will ask before getting started with your new branding and business logo design.


If you are planning on re-branding or require a logo to be designed, you need to consider that it could be used for online advertising, print media or other forms of advertising, you need to create a logo that not only represents your business’s values and vision, but also stands out among competition.


Multiple logo designs

If you are a conglomerate, using different logos for each of the subsidiaries in your business can be a good idea. For example, if you are a retail business offering apparel, FMCG products, footwear, electronics and more, having an individual logo for each of these subsidiaries in the business is a great way to create an identity for them.


Digital Park brand and business logo design can create a single logo for the entire business and also design individual logos for all your subsidiaries that are not entirely disconnected from the parent business’s logo. Whether they see your brand image or one of your subsidiaries’ logos, they get the same message.


Talk to me today and I can help you create a unqiue brand and business logo that can be etched in the target audience’s minds for a long time. One look at the logo I create and your customers will instantly identify it with your business and the values and quality that it stands for.


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