About Me

Website design and developer Newmarket

I have been working in web design for over ten years. My passion began at an early age, where I began writing code and teaching myself the basic skills needed to create websites. In 2007 I joined my first web design company as a junior web developer and spent 3 years developing my skills and progressed to senior web developer.


I then began working as a front-end web developer for a international marketing company which enabled me to learn new skills in digital strategy and marketing and to work along side some prestigious businesses throughout Europe.


After setting a goal to start up my own company, I made the decision to become a freelance front-end web developer as I felt I could offer a personal approach and work more closely with clients from the start to the finish of a project.

Website Design Newmarket - Digital Park



Senior Web Developer for and as part of the development team at Designaweb. A leading website design company in Suffolk.

Toolbox Marketing

Lead Technical Developer for Toolbox, international marketing group. Integrating new technology throughout the company.

VG Media

Joined VG Media as a Web Developer, a new start-up media company developing websites and flash animated games and websites.


Web coder

In my spare time I enjoy building social sharing platforms that help boost social following and integration.


A follower and blogger of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency. I believe Bitcoin is a future trend on how currency will work online.

Fitness enthusiast

You will probably find me training hard and wearing my Fitbit, technology and fitness combined is a powerful tool.

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