Need Seasonal Website Updates But Don’t Know Where To Start?

13 Nov Need Seasonal Website Updates But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Each Year Christmas comes around faster and with the festive season one of the biggest for retailers to make sales it may be time to kick your website selling power up a gear! We all fall in to two categories those that love Christmas and those who survive it! Christmas Adverts on TV and in shop windows, decorations across town centers, are in full swing already, some started as early as October, the reason? SALES!

This time of Year November and December is key for online retailers and it is a golden opportunity for YOU too! Now this will mostly focus on eCommerce websites that sell products to customers but those who can offer services can also use this time of Year to help improve revenue. It’s well known people are more impulsive in the festive season due to high spirits, the nostalgia of enjoying Christmas with the Family and the “I have no idea what else to buy them” (Secret Santa anyone?).

So how can we take advantage of this? Firstly, for those who have products, create a specific category that will allow you to add Toys, gifts and any other products you think would appeal to customers during the Christmas period. Next you would create a new menu item that would have the heading ‘Christmas’, ‘Christmas Gifts’ or ‘Gift Ideas’. If you sell lots of different products and have the right kind of website you could create categories for ‘Gifts for her’, ‘Gifts for him’ or Gifts for Children’ etc. You would add these as a Product Category in your Woocommerce Products section and then add that Product to your ‘header menu’.

This would help filter just products that require better sales, ideal Christmas gifts and help improve your overall customer service. People just do not have time to filter through lots of products to find something if they are all mixed together, separating out these items helps the customer find the item easier and improve your chance of sales. is a great example, each Holiday they add a section in the menu that filters in to Christmas, then Gifts for all kinds of categories.

argos Christmas website

If you don’t sell products what can you do? Well if your sell services, why not add Christmas cheer with festive photos, banners or even a discount to hiring you during the festive season? Simple ideas can go a long way. If your service requires you to visit on site, why not take mince pies to a meeting? It’s fun, festive and memorable, which is perfect for those quoting and meeting prospective clients.

Banners can quickly navigate customers to seasonal shopping, sales, specific parts of your website, or simply wish customers or clients a Merry Christmas. Here is a great example:

Christmas 2017

Now, lets talk about the biggest issue that ALL companies tend to forget over the Christmas period, OPENING TIMES! This is vital to anyone with services, on-calls or physical retail shops. It’s the most frustrating thing customers face when trying to place an order or find that they thought you where open Christmas Eve but your closed. Let people know in advance your Opening Times. You could list this on the website in the banner section on the homepage, this is very common for Shopping Centre websites, its the most important piece of information. You could even send out a newletter that lets your clients and customer database when you will be in the office and when the office is closed. For services that require emergency contacts such as Plumbers list a telephone number of whom to contact during the closed office hours.

It is a time for joy, celebrating, spending time with Family and forgetting the daily grind, so make it easier for your customers to buy your products and let them know when your open during the Christmas period.

If you need any help updating your website with opening times, adding new Christmas banners or need help with any other aspect of your WordPress or bespoke website call 07969004553 or email I am always on hand to help!

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