Generating traffic for your website using social channels

02 Aug Generating traffic for your website using social channels

How do you generate traffic to your website? Quite a common question asked by many businesses who own a website. In 2017 generating traffic looks a lot different to how it used to be. So how do we do it? How can we get more customers to your website?

The growth in social platforms both web based and mobile has opened a World of search and information at our finger tips and more often than not those fingers are being used to browse social networks. Using a social channel can help improve your website traffic in a few simple ways. More traffic means more potential customer sales, more traffic can also help improve your website ranking in Google.

It’s quite simple, the more traffic you get from Google searches, the better your rank will improve due to ‘popular demand’. But Google search is not always so easy to generate traffic from unless your running a Adwords campaign which promotes your business at the top of Google searches, or sometimes the sidebar. Social channels like Facebook and Twitter allow you to build up a following of users you can promote your new services or products to. Although you are only as visible in Facebook as much as people interact with your posts and visit your Facebook page, sadly Facebook want you to spend money on the platform to be seen.

Twitter is easier to build an audience and most of my ¬†clients and projects generate a lot of traffic from Twitter. Twitter is an open World of information and people can find you based on hashtags(#) in a search capacity. So for example a Tweet could be: “Great new post about generating website traffic by Digital Park #websitetraffic #webdesign”. This would mean anyone searching for #webdesign or ‘website traffic’ the tweet would appear in the search results. The only downside to Twitter is the millions of tweets daily, you can easily get lost in the noise.

Instagram is a great for showing off products and the people behind a company. Based on photos and a short description, you use it similar to Twitter. Using hashtags in you description to be found by lots of different, let’s say ‘keywords’. Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not have a limit of characters, if they do its up to 1000 or so. So go crazy. It’s always wise to use related keywords and sometimes it is okay to jump on trending hashtags.

Here is an example of a Instagram post I did which is related to Pokemon for a blog on Pokemon (remember it needs to be related). So the back story, Pokemon released the games Sun and Moon last November and more recently they announced an update which allows to gain new ‘Mega Pokemon’. This was popular news with a lot of Pokemon fans and players, so I decided to blog about it and share it across a few social accounts, Twitter and Instagram. Twitter generated around 5 or so clicks which is great for a new blog.

But something happened with Instagram and the photo decided to trend and from the usual 20 – 40 likes the post gained a huge 558 likes as of this blog post. In the description I told people there is a link in the bio (which is how you send users to your website). Had I do this correctly they would of gone directly to the article, which you would copy and paste in to the ‘website’ section directly. However assuming that the usual 20 or so likes would come I did not update the website and left it as the main URL. Learn from your mistakes, I certainly did.

Here is the post:

pokemon instagram blog


You can see I used quite a lot of different hashtags which helped get the post trending. From the 558 Likes this generated over 200+ visitors to the brand new website. This was a huge deal, gaining such exposure was great for generating website traffic.

Now, it is not always guaranteed that you will have your photos trending on Instagram search, but if you do not post regularly you not generating any traffic at all. Even the 5 visitors from Twitter was more than I would have had, if I had not posted it at all. Remember social channels are used a lot, even if your not a huge social whizz, your audience most certainly is!

Here are the stats from that day, 22nd July 2017.

website stats pokemon

Since that day I have posted a few more times, not as often as I should be, with not so much luck in terms of trending, but still generating traffic of 30 – 40 views daily, which is much more then I would have if I was not sharing blog posts over social channels.

With social media you need to be consistent and share often, it can be a lot of work at times to make sure your creating useful content such as blog posts, sharing it across social channels and keeping track with comments. But it will be worth it when you start to generate more traffic to your website. There are some great plugins for WordPress websites that can post to your social channels for you. I would recommend setting up Jetpack which allows you to share blog posts direct to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. It takes the additional clicks away from you having to set this up yourself.

Instagram is different you will have to create a photo, possibly a featured image with the content as Instagram does not allow uploads via an API.

I hope you found this article useful, remember just because you may not be a big social media fan, it does not mean you should not be engaging. Your audience is on the social platforms and you need to be promoting your content to them!

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