Why your new business needs a website and online strategy

website design and online strategy

19 Jul Why your new business needs a website and online strategy

Why your new business needs a website


When starting a new business one of the first things you may think about is a website. A website opens up your business services or products to a wider audience that you may not reach organically  through word of mouth.

Your business may need a website for various reasons, such as selling online products both physical and digital or advertising a service that your business provides, a sort of business card for a new digital age.

For a start up business you need to understand what your requirements are from a website. If your business is selling online products such as digital downloads or physical products then your business would require a eCommerce website.

An eCommerce or ‘electronic commerce’ is the name given to an online shop. An online shop allows customers to add your products to a ‘cart or bag’, take customer information, delivery address etc and invoicing and take online payment via Paypal or a payment gateway/bank. A very effective tool is WooCommerce for WordPress which allows you to set up a quick online shop with flexible settings to tailor to your business needs.

Another type of website design is a website that promotes your business, an online business card that has in detail the services that your provide, about your business and a way for customers to contact. Adding an email or contact form is simple and effective way for customers to reach out to you.

Adding a personal touch to your website is very important to tell the story of your business, how it started and why you believed that your services are the perfect match for the customer. This step is miss-understood by a lot of clients when they build a website.

As a business owner you are always busy just running the business, let alone the thought of putting together content that is required for your website. However, a website is a constant advertisement for your business.

Think of it like this, you would not go to a business meeting with a new potential client and only give a small bit of information about your business with no real background on who you are or what services your can provide, would you?

A website is a constant advertisement of your business.

Starting a new business can be costly and a bespoke website can take a chunk of your budget start up capital. Understanding that the costs of running a business and the limits small businesses, having your website built using a WordPress based website design can reduce the cost of  building an effective marketing tool for your business.

Web design does not need to be costly to achieve the tasks you business requires. Quite often a small business can lose focus of the bigger picture and worry to much on the presentation of a website design. Hiring a professional website design company such as Digital Park, takes that pressure off your shoulders and lets your re-focus on building your business. It is easy to forget that when hiring a website design company, your hiring specialists in online marketing and branding, leaving you to run your business.


Online strategy planning


Marketing your business both online and offline allows you to target two marketing channels. Marketing online has many channels within itself. From social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertising through Google adwords, creating an effective online marketing strategy can help boost your website traffic along with effective on-site seo can help lead to new clients/customers.

Hiring a local website design company can help tailor your website and online marketing strategy to a local audience and social media channels to build an effective online strategy to help drive traffic to your website. Building a consistency between your social channels and your main branding help clients identify your business.

Building an online strategy for your business should now be part of your business plan. With millions of searches daily through mobile, web and social channels, not having a presence can restrict your business growth. Generating traffic to your website is a key part of your online strategy, either by advertising, blogging or a combination of both. Advertising or PPC (Pay per click) can generate quick traffic to your new business, but could also be costly if they do not convert to a buying customer. Blogging allows people to read useful articles that can explain how to do something, advise or even how the business is progressing. Blogging can drive traffic by ranking in search engines for keywords related to your business and the blog post.

The most ideal plan would combine advertising based on keyword research of your business, its competitors and the current market to drive traffic to your products or services pages. Blogging and promoting you posts across social channels will help drive traffic to your website with the opportunity to upsell your products or services.

So lets recap, a website design does not have to be costly to your business. You can deliver a quality website design and consistent brand for your business with a focus on local and global marketing strategies. Allowing your website design company to manage the build of your website leaves you with the task of running your business.

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