Why Youtube Stars Own Social Media, Learn from the real experts!

Youtube Stars Social media

14 Mar Why Youtube Stars Own Social Media, Learn from the real experts!

What makes a successful social media account?
If you know of YouTube, the video upload website, you may know some of the biggest stars you see across other social platforms all started out create video’s for YouTube. Justin Bieber, yes sadly he was discovered on YouTube and look how successful his career has been. But how does uploading videos to YouTube translate across other social platforms? You have to remember their are communities behind YouTube just like any social platform that audience reacts to videos and like “Thumbs up” videos to help them reach more views as a recommended channel to follow.

But that is not the key to the success of social media. It is interaction with their audience, more on this shortly, this encourages the viewer buy in to the life-style and lives of the video bloggers. You don’t have to upload personal video’s to be successful, but producing good quality and unique content helps them grow to millions of followers. One of the great values of YouTube is the ability to build a following that can translate across many social platforms.

So how does a YouTube know how to better interact than any social experts? Simply put, the audience built around them, based on personality, content produced, quality of that content, listening to comments, replying to comments and caring about the viewers that support them by watching videos, subscribing. This is turn helps the Youtuber earn money from advertising revenue. That revenue allows them to spend more time filming, editing and producing great content and the cycle continues, but all the time remember how they started out and it’s the viewers (fans) that provide the income and staying humble and interacting with fans on social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc allows a more unique experience of buying in the life of a a favorite Youtube. It’s that close interaction, replying to comments and sharing funny videos over Snapchat that allow people to see them behind the scenes.

Great marketing is about story telling and with video that allows these top Youtubers to share stories of their lives in daily video blogs (vlogs).

So why are they better at social media? The real reason is that with Youtube personalities, they are the product, the star, the reason people watch. Promoting yourself across social channels can be much easier then promoting a business or brand. Some huge brands know how to use personalities to help promote products which you see more and more often in Snapchat, Instagram Stories and in their videos.

Using social media experts like a Youtuber is a great way to help promote products, they have more interaction (likes, comments) then A list celebrities or even the social media tools that attempt to sell you that their tools help you (Hootsuite, check out their social accounts, not much activity or interaction happening, from a so called “expert” in social media). Celebrities post photos and updates sure, but they don’t really respond to fans, they normally just plug products or shows they are on, which at first can be helpful. But a constant stream of sell, sell, sell will lose you fans / followers quicker then talking about real World things. Things like trends, news, funny cat videos.

Yes Youtube stars do push products, but not constantly they tell you their daily life story and may reference a product once a week at most. These are the most successful social media experts.

The real value
Growing with a platform like YouTube has taught them about the value of an audience and what the kind of content they want to see, how often they want to see it and that allowing them to communicate on other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook opens a way for fans to keep updated more often and talk, reply or comment to the Youtube star. The value of interacting back to fans is much greater for the fan and keeps that fan wanting to know more and build that relationship.

How can you take this and apply it to your own marketing? Think about your origin. How did you start your business? Think of the journey you business has taken, tell the story, have a ‘face’ of the business, someone people can relate to. It would be ideal that the person uses social media in a daily capacity as they already understand the useful tips people use for promoting a businesses/products on social media.

Think about making video updates on services, products or share your knowledge in a tutorial video. You can upload daily photos on Instagram or Snapchat of products, team members, meeting reviews, news about your industry. Do a reddit Ask Me Anything if you have a unique product, there are thousands of subreddits about any niche or product, brand you can jump in to and talk about your company.

Be bold, be consistent and tell your story in a enchanting way that will help viewers buy in to your business.

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