How often should you be posting to your social media channels

How often to post on social media

27 Feb How often should you be posting to your social media channels

A common question that I get asked quite often from small businesses is “how often should we be posting to ‘INSERT SOCIAL PLATFORM HERE'”. Whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it is always hard to know how often you should be posting to social media channels. Using a social media marketing strategy is always a good idea!

One of the biggest issues is not knowing how often to post but whether or not you have enough content to post. Each social channel requires its own strategy to help promote your business online. Take Twitter for instance. Twitter is a fast pace messaging tool with over 500 million messages shared daily! That is a huge number. Following lots of people and having lots of followers means messages are very hit or miss to be seen in the actual timeline. So for Twitter you need to tweet multiple times a day to be seen and to grow new followers. Finding good keywords will also benefit you.

Here is a quick list of how often you should be posting to the most popular social platforms daily and weekly.


Facebook is one of the largest social networks to date. But like all large social networks it has a huge turn over in content meaning it can be very hard to get your content in front of your audience. Facebook has made it increasingly difficult for business pages to be seen in the News feed. This is more than likely to do with making money from businesses by promoting posts and advertising to potential customers.

The most successful business pages on Facebook can post up to 300 times a week! That is a staggering amount. As i mentioned before small businesses just don’t have that kind of content to keep posting.

The recommended amount of posts per week is 5 – 10. Equally posting once per day is ideal for small businesses.


Twitter is a fast pace messaging system and the more a Twitter account grows the more difficult it becomes for your tweets to be seen. Using keywords can help reduce the amount of noise.

The recommended amount of tweets per day is 5+. You can ideally talk about your brand or services or comment on the latest trend.


Linkedin is a business network for professionals and is targeted to mostly marketers. But with a large audience it is still a useful platform for you to post content to.

The recommended amount of posts per day is 1. You would be best to promote services or useful information to gain clicks.


Google+ never really gained the traction that Google would have hoped it would. It still has some daily users and a good way to help get your content potentially indexed quicker, but that is speculation.

The recommended amount of posts per day 5. The best content would be blog posts to share on Google+.


Instagram is still a relatively new social network. Sharing photos of your brand and products it allows your audience to visually see what they will receive if they purchase from your business.

The recommended amount of posts per day 3. Great lighting and visuals can really sell a product.


As I keep mentioning creating content for these social networks is hard. Social media marketing is a full time position and creating content that appeals to users and promotes your business at the same time can be a hard task to master. Small businesses will always struggle to keep up the requirements of social media marketing, but with experts in content marketing like Digital Park, that burden can be removed.

Another way to keep your social media accounts active and growing is to share related content from your industry. You do not always need to be pushing your own business services you can share what is happening in the industry from leading experts. This is a great way to show your audience that you are listening to the industry trends and you will soon become an ambassador. By that I mean if you keep promoting great social content and actively engaging with your audience your social accounts will become a place for users to find great and useful content.

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